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10th August 2022 
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Cath Stacey

I'm qualified in Five Element Acupuncture, one of the oldest forms of Traditional Acupuncture dating back over 3000 years. This gentle form of treatment addresses inbalances in body, mind and spirit and uses very fine needles to move the patient's vital energy or Qi.

I studied for three years at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwick and gained a BA (Hons) degree in Traditional Acupuncture. I regularly go on workshops and meet with other acupuncturists to continually develop my knowledge and refine my skills.

I also work at the Force Cancer charity treating patients who have been affected by treatment for head and neck cancer and subsequently cannot produce saliva, patients suffering from anxiety and fatigue and patients suffering hot flushes and night sweats following hormone treatment or surgery. I use auricular acupuncture which has been very helpful in helping the majority of these patients.

I live and work in Exeter and in my spare time I enjoy gardening, walking, cycling, singing, kayaking all to a very mediocre level.

About Me. consultationI have used acupuncture in my own life for over 20 years for both chronic and acute conditions, many of these conditions had not been helped by conventional medicine. I have an interest in diet and nutrition. I really enjoy working with people and joining them on their journey to well-being. When there is a partnership between patient and practitioner and both have the same aim amazing healing can happen.

I am fully insured and registered with Exeter City Council.

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I was recommended to Cath by someone, I was extremely nervous on my first visit as I had no knowledge of how accupuncture worked and whether it would work for me.I was diagnosed with M.E just over two years ago now and had been looking into alternative therapy as I had become very fed up with having to take a lot of medication for pain etc. After meeting Cath I was from the start put at ease, she talked me through every procedure so that I understood why the needles were being placed at each point and what they could achieve,I continued visiting Cath for a futher few months within which time she helped a great deal,not only did the Acupuncture ease my symptoms but Cath was also able to give me support.I would fully recommend Cath as for me she was a bright light at the end of my very dark and uncertain tunnel.I have since been able to go on to put an M.E support group together something I could only have dreamed of before.
Mrs W

About Me. feet2When I started acupuncture with Cath I had a huge list of complaints, an open mind but perhaps not as much optimism as I could have had knowing what I now know and how I now feel! I wanted some help with reducing and managing daily and one-off anxiety levels; improving digestive complaints; improving my periods; getting my feet back on the ground (feeling grounded); reducing annoying episodes of dizziness; getting rid of a muscular pain in my hip/backside; getting rid of that lump in the throat sensation; feeling comfortable in my own skin; improving my response to life and people……..well, I thought it was best to be honest and Cath wasn’t daunted at all! I’ve also experienced more positive outcomes than I knew existed!! During Cath’s treatments I began to feel and understand that acupuncture provides an invaluable foundation to soothe and balance feelings, emotions and physical responses that could otherwise create havoc on a daily basis. With Cath’s support and ongoing treatment (I now have longer intervals between each visit), this has in turn enabled me to put in place more helpful patterns of thinking and I’ve begun to respond to life with an underlying confidence knowing that my body and mind is functioning at its best. When I started out, I wasn’t a fan of needles, but I’ve grown to love the benefits they can induce on so many levels and I’m really glad I pursued this course of treatment with Cath – her experience, understanding, humour and interest in helping people to feel better and keep well is amazing. It’s helped me to realise that life can be good and it’s nice to be a part of it with greater ease.
Ms S

About Me. backIf you are looking for an acupuncturist who has integrity, skill, empathy and rapport, then Cath ticks all the boxes! Her thoughtful, calm and respectful approach inspires trust and confidence and Five Element acupuncture is fascinating. Her treatment has definitely speeded up my recovery from an injury and boosted my general sense of well-being.
Mrs L

I came to see you last September recovering from bowel cancer and all the treatment that followed. My initial 5 week course which was very successful in both mind and body led me to request further treatment from you.
My needs then changed as the prospect of returning to teaching in a hostile environment casued me anxiety and stress but yet again you managed to 'sort' me out and I left exhilarated after your treatments. Just to test your skills further I managed to dislocate my shoulder during a rugby match. Unassuming as usual, you combine your wonderful talent of being able to listen and give me treatments that again restore my physical and mental strength. It is with great sadness that six months later you are returning to practice in Devon, the people of Devon will benefit from your expertise and relief.
S Kincaid

Thanks Cath for sorting me out. I was in a lot of pain with my Frozen Shoulder that had been getting worse. I was struggling to sleep and do day to day things. I'd tried massage, physio therapy and all sorts of drugs prescribed by my GP but none of them were working. After my first visit to you the pain was a huge amount better and a few days after my third visit I was pain free for the first time in 7 months.
Thank you,


I first met Cath by pure chance & I am so glad I did! Like the other testimonials I wasn’t really sure if acupuncture would work for me (& knew NOTHING about it) but Cath put me at ease with her kind & caring manner. I’d finished a course of anti-depressants a year ago but still didn’t feel like my normal self I decided to give it a go. I was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks & had a constant feeling of worry in my stomach. A couple of months later & I feel sooooo much better - the 'fear' & the worry in my stomach has completely gone & I am much calmer & happier in myself. I cannot recommend this treatment with Cath enough. In fact, I have just given up smoking & I now visit her to help me with that too. If you are 2 minds about whether to try acupuncture, give it a go & I bet you won't be disappointed! K, Exeter

After an operation and radio therapy for breast cancer, I was suffering from severe hot flushes particularly at night. I noticed a change from my second session and I can now say that the intensity has reduced considerably. I finished my course early January and am still benefiting from my acupuncture. (Jun 16)

AT Exeter

Thank you for all you have done. The treatments have made such a difference, long may it last! You are such a friendly and kind person, this has made me and the others in the group relaxed and at ease during our difficult times. Thanks again. L.

Just a line to express my grateful thanks for the successful treatment, resulting in much milder flushes. Regards G.

You have made such a difference to my days and nights!! It's been a very long road. Many, many thanks. C

Many, many thanks for the acupuncture, it has made a real difference. I also wanted to say thank you for your humour, calm manner and wise words. All the very best, L.